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Two maps exist at any given time, Ragnarok is PvE and will always be available - this map is specifically for main bases.

Every month; starting on the first day of the month, we'll swap the second map for one voted on by players one week out in our discord channel.

The second map will always be PvP, and it will be where we host events and players can try to ascend (beat the map).

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The Island

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*each map costs $12.99/mo

Server Settings


  • Harvesting: 3x
  • Taming: 3x
  • XP: 2x
  • Resource Respawn: 2x
  • Egg hatch speed: 3x
  • Baby mature speed: 3x
  • Mating interval: 1/3x
  • Egg lay interval: 1/3x


  • Cryopod Nerf Disabled
  • All engrams enabled by level
  • Damage popup like RPG is shown
  • Difficulty 5 (Normal dino max level 150)
  • Tribe members can imprint